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TRIA Corp. recommends the low cost and low maintenance capabilities of Blue Sky Network products , providing the ability to track and monitor the fleet. Either as a ground, air or water vessel fleet, knowledge of precise conditions of the vessel at any given moment helps stakeholders make calculated and timely decisions. Installation of a Blue Sky Network system will provide critical geospatial information at any computer terminal with internet access. Accounts are password controlled by the designated account administrator, and access to the account allows the user to view real time data of all devices on that account. TRIA Corp with Blue Sky technical support will provide user interface training and can comply with all installation requirements to keep your fleet in the air and not in the hangar.


Blue Sky Network’s D1000A Iridium satcom tracking kit provides efficient, safe, secure, and global coverage for aviation assets. The FAA and Iridium certified D1000A enables optimized fleet utilization through extensive reporting capabilities and backend analysis tools. When paired with the ACH1000, the D1000A offers the ability to make voice calls and have two-way messaging.


Fleet managers can login to SkyRouter, cloud-based tracking Web portal, to maintain, view and communicate with multiple assets simultaneously on a single map from a centralized command center. SkyRouter also enables over-the-air device parameter configuration, such as the reporting interval, allows for two-way messaging and e-mail, and can eliminate routing mistakes by supporting flight information. Reports such asGPS position, take-off/landing, altitude, and on/off gate make it easy for fleet managers to effectively control their aircraft. In aviation emergencies the crew can push a quick position (mayday) button on the control head, which immediately sends an alert to SkyRouter notifying fleet managers that an emergency has occurred.

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