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For over a decade TRIA Corp. has provided both military and civilian aviation industries with revolutionary solutions for both rotary wing and fixed wing applications. TRIA Corp. has been awarded U.S. Military projects by the Defense Supply Center, Richmond (DSCR) and U.S. Army TACOM LCMC. We integrate, deliver, maintain and support fleets of highly-modified aircraft to customer specifications including secure communications, navigation, transponder equipment and weapons systems. TRIA Corp focuses on the complete end item product and factors in all dimensions of the utility in our designs. We only select and partner with the industry’s finest manufactures that meet our quality standards. From electronic equipment, to weapons and armor TRIA Corp. partners with industry leading manufacturers to support our total aircraft integration products. Environmental protection concerns, anti-ice, ASE, and NVG capabilities and fully integrated platform weapons systems are some of the capabilities we offer.

The MVP-50 cockpit instrumentation display

Why us?

TRIA Corp. is the only certified integrator for Electronics International which includes EI's highly acclaimed MVP-50 engine monitoring system. We are an authorized dealer for Electronics International and can make your dream of a glass engine and aircraft instrumentation system a reality.

We also recommend Becker Avionics inter communication system (ICS) for handling both civilian and military customers. With the ability to expand the communications network with optional flexibility, such as secure wireless intercoms, digital audio, computer configuration control and transformer isolated coupling. We have found that the reliability and versatility of Becker Avionics' products supports our audio structure and expanded capabilities in every aircraft communication requirement.

We work very closely with our suppliers and the relationship we have with Electronics International is a prime example of the satisfaction our suppliers have with our representation, integration and support of their equipment.

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