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Acquisitions and Sales Brokerage

A major hurdle in the aircraft industry is the void between aircraft manufacturers and aircraft operators. Although both industries are connected by the product they deliver and operate, the points of view from both operations is very different. To satisfy both parties TRIA Corp. offers services to act as the intermediary between manufacturer and operator. We understand all aspects of the aircraft manufacturing process from inception to follow-on maintenance to ensure the longevity of the fielded product. Currently, neither industry puts focus on the other, but instead focuses on their role as operator or manufacturer without the consideration of the other. We understand the complexity of buying new aircraft or even fleets of aircraft. Customizing, retrofitting or having specific systems integrated onto your selected aircraft prior to you taking possession is a very detailed and complicated process. We also understand aircraft acquisition is not your primary business, but like any other major purchase you desire it to be tailored to your specific needs. Since aircraft design may not be your primary business, yet you need one or more aircraft for your operations, we serve as the intermediary between you, the customer and the manufacturer of your selected aircraft.

Our brokerage service is unique; we go far beyond what you may have experienced in the past. We do not equate acquisition of an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft to a real estate transaction, the two situations are not even close to the same level of complexity. We don't give you 3 ideas to choose from and then expect a commission based upon your purchase. What we do is represent you directly at the manufacturing facility and maintain a presence throughout the entire build process. We conduct continual preliminary acceptance of the aircraft on your behalf to ensure that all integrated systems function correctly and that the aircraft will meet your standards. We then walk you through the acceptance test procedures when you come during the final acceptance phase of the project. We offer follow-on services and can provide technical support remotely or on site for predetermined periods of time in order to ensure your satisfaction with your delivered product. This creates a methodology for you to understand the aircraft and its capabilities and ensures a system that provides you complete satisfaction.

The services we offer simplify the process of obtaining aircraft and allows you the time to continue to operate at your primary business. We maintain a presence at the aircraft facility to ensure that the final product meets the quality and performance standards you desire while keeping the project on schedule. The services we offer benefit the customer and the supplier as well. Our primary focus is to create the desired end item product on time, within budget, and exceed the customer's expectations.

Industries we serve:

Commercial, corporate and military, foreign and domestic.

We pull from our pool of seasoned professionals who also participate in our own integration projects. We have a detailed understanding of delivery schedules and the required certification hurdles faced by the provider. We make suggestions to both parties so the customer gets the desired performance, identify capabilities that you might previously have been unaware may exist, and assist the provider with timeline planning so the project runs trouble-free and delivers the customer the best possible product on time.

Services provided:

We can provide basic tool sets.

We can work as consultants for manufacturers or buyers to achieve the goals of both parties involved.

We provide complete aircraft manufacturing and delivery oversight to include installation, engineering, certification and maintenance.

We provide maintenance training.

We provide operator training specifically tailored to the received product.

We provide enhanced cost and schedule performance without compromising capabilities.

We ensure the project meets the objectives of both parties.

We eliminate vagueness and lack of understanding between customer and manufacturers.

Consultant Services

We can assist with programs that are experiencing difficulty and have fallen behind contractual schedule and get them back on track.

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