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Integration and Modification

TRIA Corp. designs and manufactures interfaces as part of the TRIA Corp. total solution. In house manufacturing of integral parts gives us the flexibility to be more creative and fluid in our designs with the customer selected systems and modifications. We are a total solutions provider manufacturing wiring harnesses, structural components and user interfaces (including consoles and workstations), and an authorized avionics dealer/certified integrator.

TRIA Corp. systems are designed for minimum power consumption, reduced maintenance, low direct operating costs and high reliability. Our systems can be incorporated into an existing aircraft system or designed into a new or federated application. Examples of our innovative products are:

  • EO/IR sensors and displays
  • Radios
  • Navigation and autopilot equipment
  • Intercommunications Systems (ICS)
  • Data links
  • Video recording
  • Mapping
  • Encryption
  • Ballistic Armor
  • Armament
  • Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE)
  • Environmental protection (Inlet Anti-ice)
  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compliance

TRIA Corp. provides an ultimate end to end solution for follow-on maintenance and fleet management to the customer. Our experienced staff will not only maintain and operate delivered products, but will develop specific curriculum and courseware to train host maintenance personnel in order to maximize fleet reliability and organizational self sustainment. All our work is in accordance with our Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) approved Quality Program.


TRIA Corp will develop and provide lowest cost solutions to your existing avionics suite in order to meet soon to be implemented FAA guidance regarding the ADS-B network. In most cases we are able to provide the integration services at your location in order to save ferry costs.

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